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Holy Week 2014

Dear Church Family and Friends!

Greetings, in Christ’s name!

This time of year our spiritual journey leads us through Lent into Holy Week. Each day we draw nearer and nearer to the events and the truth of our Christian foundations and faith. We have died with Christ and we have risen with him!

Drawing on Christian sources, here is what we have read and know is true about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. As you read these words, hear in them an invitation to worship with us, to enter the “darkness and shadows” of Maundy Thursday, to come understand more deeply this mysterious word (Maundy), and to experience the Feasts of Feasts, Easter day.

On Palm Sunday (April 13th; 10:00 a.m.) Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred to as “Passion Sunday”, marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday. Immediately following being greeted by the crowds with the waving of palm branches, Jesus begins his journey to the cross. Come understand the meaning and symbolism of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. What did the Roman Empire see in this entry? What is its message to everyone?

Come share with us the Service of Tenebrae on Maundy Thursday (April 17th; 5:30 p.m.). This service of darkness and shadows has been practiced by the church since the medieval times. Once a service for the monastic community, Tenebrae later became an important part of the worship of the common folk during Holy Week. Tenebrae is a prolonged meditation on Christ’s suffering. Readings trace the story of Christ’s passion, music portrays his pathos, and the power of silence and darkness suggests the drama of this momentous day. A special dinner will be served as a remembrance of Jesus’s last Passover meal with his disciples. Our dinner will be woven into the Service of Tenebrae.

Easter Seaside Service (April 20; 8:00 a.m.) will take place at the entrance to Nut Island. This service will be followed by breakfast at the church (8:30 a.m.).

Easter Sunday (April 20; 10:00 a.m.) is the culmination of the Passion of Christ. This is the day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the Feasts of Feasts as expressed by the early Christians. Come worship with us. Come hear a sermon entitled, No Longer Here, words which refer to Jesus’ resurrection. Come see how you might experience this proclamation in your own life. Come experience these words as your very own.

You are invited! You are welcome!

Rev. Felix Carrion

Worship service at 10:00 am Sunday morning.

Sunday School from September through June at 10:00 am.

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